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City of Lakes Covenant Church has been worshiping at Aldrich Presbyterian Church since mid September 2015. The church sanctuary hasn’t had a whole lot of TLC for the past 20 years – and desperately needs a paint job. However painting was not in the cards this year and cash was tight. We wanted to create a special environment for Christmas.

1. We used 13 thin par 56’s to use as uplight creating the blue walls and four more thin pars to light the truss advent purple.

2. Wrapped around each section of truss was pre-lit garland we picked up from Home Depot for about $20 a strand. The church had a pretty standard fake pre-lit tree hiding in a closet.

3. The church had very Dickens-style candle fixtures on the ends of the pews and several candle sconces on the walls of the altar area. We insisted on these being lit.

4. The stars on the celling were provided by two intimidator 250’s mini intelligent lights set on the ground.

5. The stained glass was lit from the outside using thin par 56’s

6. We hung three old Colortran fixtures on dimmers in the balcony to light the band, advent wreath and lectern separately.

7. The environmental projection was set-up with the church’s long throw projector using ProPresenter masking.